Monday, 15 February 2016

'Lust Have It' Unboxing!

Hey Guys!

I'm super excited today because my internet has finally been restored, so that means no more late blogs and no more having to borrow internet! If only you could see how happy I look!
So anyhoo, back to the post at hand.  A couple of weeks ago I subscribed to an Australian Monthly Beauty Box called Lust Have It.  I had absolutely no idea what sort of products were in the packages but I really wanted to find out.  So at $20 a month I signed up with no hesitation.  Once my first box arrived last Monday I can honestly say I was not disappointed.  Although I have not heard of any of the brands I can honestly say that they look incredible, I have done some research and I am so excited to try them out! 

Let's start with the products that I received, in total there were five items - three full size and two sample size.  The first product labelled is the Unani Micellar Water (full size), then we have the Hikari Blush (full size), The SkinYoga Almond and Orange Face Scrub (sample size), a Hikari Lip Crayon (full size) and another SkinYoga product, the Sandalwood Saffron Facemask (Sample size).

After doing a bit of googling tonight I found that Hikari is an up and coming cosmetics brand in the United States which vows to take the makeup world to the next level of high class.  Although I have never heard of this brand I am definitely curious now.  The blush that I received is in the shade Bikini which doesn't quite look the same shade as the picture, it's actually a really pretty almost peachy pink with an orangey undertone if that makes sense? I really want to try it with a real natural eye.  As for the Lip Crayon this is in the shade Macchiato and this is a real orangey brown tone, probably would actually look really nice along side the blush! Super excited to try these!! These both were full size items and retail at $21AUD for the Blush and $18AUD for the Lip Crayon so fairly well priced.  Once I've used these products a bit I might even do a review on them so I can let you all know about colour pay off and how long they will wear for! 

Now onto these cute little SkinYoga products, they came in the cutest packaging and I think the little bottles are super adorable!  I received a sandalwood and saffron face mask and an almond and orange face scrub. After, once again googling the products I found they are actually based in India which really intrigued me.  I love that all the ingredients are said to be 100% natural.  After reading a little more about SkinYoga I found myself really wanting to buy more, I love that these products are supposedly so good for your skin without any chemicals and honestly I can't wait to try them out.  I definitely will be doing a review on these two products after I have tried them because I honestly think I will absolutely love them! Unfortunately I did only receive these in sample form however if I enjoy them I will be repurchasing! Full size they cost $24AUD each.

And lastly, but definitely not least we have the Unani Il-luminate Micellar Water which I received in a full size bottle and I can tell you I have already tried this one out.  I have come to absolutely love this! It claims to be formulated with a refreshing, gentle and clean solution that removes impurities and purifies the skin leaving it soft and hydrated.  I totally agree, I used this in conjunction with my night time skin routine between my toner and moisturiser and the next morning I woke up to super soft skin.  I honestly could not believe it, I will definitely be repurchasing this product again but I feel like it shouldn't run out for a while, the total cost for this product is a mere $22.50AUD - definitely affordable.  This product, surprisingly enough is from Spain and is recommended for all skin types which I think is absolutely amazing! I am currently in love with this product and can't wait to see the long term effects!

Anyway guys, I'm so sorry this is late.  I'll be uploading hopefully another two posts today so stay tuned and hopefully from now on my internet will be fine with no problems.  If you are thinking of subscribing to a beauty box, I would definitely recommend it because you can always cancel the subscription and you get to try a whole bunch of products you probably wouldn't have even thought about! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, there should be many more like this to come and I can't wait to see what I get in the future!

Until Next Time

BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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