Friday, 11 December 2015

BH Cosmetics Pallets Review/Swatching

Morning Everybody! 
I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very good at uploading on the day I'm suppose to.  I blame TV Shows and procrastination, but I do have a beauty for you today!  A few weeks ago I splurged and bought myself three beautiful eyeshadow palettes from BH Cosmetics and today I'm going to swatch them for you and tell you my opinion.  Although I don't like spending money, when it comes to makeup I can wholeheartedly justify my purchases especially if I'm buying from BH Cosmetics purely because they are such good quality for money.  For anyone beginning with makeup I could not recommend this brand highly enough!   

The first pallete I'm going to be reviewing is this gorgeous Galaxy Palette, It has the most beautiful array of baked shades from more natural colours to extreme exotic colours such as Venus, a bright orangey bronze! I have had a little bit of a play around with this palette using mostly the purple shades so far to create a gorgeous vibrant purple eye.  I found the colours were surprisingly pigmented for such a cheap palette, they were also extremely easy to blend out leaving no harsh lines at all.  I did find after a few hours they started to crease, nothing a little touch up blending won't stop.  I honestly can't wait to experiment with all the different colours and create many a different bright eye colours! I think the colour I'm most excited to work with would have to be Venus or Comet as they are just such different yet beautifully bright pigments!  As for price, I found this palette incredibly well priced sitting at a mere $11.50USD for 18 beautiful baked colours.  I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone after a more vibrant selection of colours! 

The next palette I will be talking about is the beautiful Nude Rose palette; this palette has a gorgeous array of mostly nude colours, with a mixture of shimmers and mattes.  I have used this palette to create a gorgeous natural eye colour for work just using the gold for a bit of a shimmer!  The swatches honestly don't do this palette justice, I don't know if its the colour of my skin but when applied to my eyelids the colours does actually become a lot more noticeable and blends beautifully.  The golds are probably my favourites however the lighter shimmers are beautiful to use as an inner corner highlighter and brow bone highlighter.  As for price for this one it is actually more expensive than the Galaxy palette and I feel that this is because its a new product, although its more expensive it still sits at a mere $14USD so definitely still a very affordable palette!  Once again if you were looking for a beautiful palette filled with a balance of shimmer and matte neutral colours and didn't want to spend an excessive amount of money this one is a great alternative.

Lastly, I will be reviewing this gorgeous Wild Child palette which I have not yet had the chance to use, although I am super excited to try out! This palette is filled with nine baked and beautiful eye shadows, from golds to purple and a beautiful white to highlight.  The shadows give off a good amount of pigment when swatched however I am not sure what they would be like to blend, although considering the other baked shadows I own I'd say they would blend very nicely! I think I'm just obsessed with out there colours on the eye, as much as I love natural eyes I'm a sucker for bright bold eyes and I think this palette really delivers that .  As for price, this palette is a mere $8USD which in my opinion is a great price! I honestly can not wait to try these colours out, I think I'll start off with a purple/pink maybe smokey eye?  I'll see how i go!

Anyways guys, I hope you've enjoyed reading what I had to say, honestly if you are beginner of just want a cheap palette, BH Cosmetics won't fail you and they have a bunch more palettes for just as cheap, just don't forget exchange rate if you are not from the US.  I get hit sometimes without realising and its the worst!! 
If you want to see any looks using these palette, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best! 

Until Next Time 
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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