Friday, 29 January 2016

Candle Supply Haul!!

Hey there guys!
Oh My Gosh, I am super excited for today's post! As you've read from the title, today's post is a candle supply haul.  No, not a candle haul.. A candle 'supply' haul, because I am going to make my own candles.. That's right, I'm becoming crafty! High Five!
Now I am super sorry that this post is late, I have been having issues with the internet all week and yesterday was the worst.  Although I don't have a following yet I am really unhappy that I am not posting on the correct days that I set out to, so from next week I am on a mission to be less slack and upload on the correct days, those being Monday and Thursday.  I also really want to say thank you to anyone who has a read of my posts, I've just hit over 2000 views and I couldn't be happier! Now that that's settled lets get onto the haul!! 

 I purchased all my products from Aussie Candle supplies online which is a Cruelty Free, Australian company based in Perth and I have nothing bad to say about my experience.  Their prices are great as far as I am concerned, however I have never purchased these supplies before.  The packaging is wonderful.  Everything breakable that I received was nicely wrapped in brown paper and packed on or around the wax.  
The supplies arrived only three business days after I ordered them and I'm so excited to start creating candles.
Now for the products, I bought a 1kg bag of Golden Wax 464 which was said to be the preferred wax and easiest to use.  This wax is apparently suitable for container candles, tealights and clam shell melts.  As I am making container candles I figured it would be perfect.  I only purchased 1kg because I wasn't sure how much that was going to be and at $7.40AUD for a 1kg bag I figured I would purchase that to begin with and see how many it makes.  I also purchased a 20pack of 15cm ACS 3.0 wicks which cost me a grand total of $2.60AUD, Bargain!! 
As for the Dye Blocks, I bought four; in the colours, black, peach, teal and pink.  Once again, I have no idea yet how much of each block I will need to colour a candle or if one block will do more than one candle but that's what trial and error are for right? Or YouTube? The packet says to shave till desired colour is reached so I guess that's going to be my first attempt!  I bought these for a mere $1.50AUD each which to me is freakin' cheap and I can't wait to purchase more!!  

Now onto scents, I kinda maybe splurged a little and bought a whole bunch but why not right?  I bought only out of the fragrance section for these but I can't wait to purchase some of the oils!  The most expensive scent I purchased cost me $2.40AUD for a 10ml bottle which to me is a pretty reasonable price.  Out of 207 scents I somehow managed to only buy 15. How, you ask? I have no flipping idea but I can't wait to purchase more.  I don't want to go into too much detail otherwise I'll be here all night but I will tell you which ones I bought and which I'm most excited to use.  

So the fifteen that I purchased were; Angel wings, Bulgarian Rose, Cocoa Therapy, Frangipani, Winter Nights, Exotic Woods, Forbidden Fantasy, Ceder Forest, Autumn Harvest, Coconut, Gingerbread, Chocolate Milk, Candy Cane, By the Fire and Vera Wang Type. 

My favourite few scents so far are, Bulgarian Rose, Angel Wings, Chocolate Milk and Vera Wang Type but that might change once they've been put into a candle.  Frangipani reminds me a lot of hand creams, probably because I have a Frangipani scented hand cream somewhere that I haven't used for god knows how long.  Autumn Harvest smells so much of cinnamon I could eat it (but I won't).  Honestly though, at this moment some of them just smell so sickeningly sweet that I can't wait to put them in a candle just to get a more diluted smell from them.  I also love Candy Cane and Gingerbread! Yes, I'm ready for Christmas already.. Don't judge me!  In all honestly I'm just super excited to try this out! Don't worry I'll be posting a 'tutorial'/review on how I went and let you all know my thoughts!! 

I hope you are all just as excited as I am for this upcoming project of mine! Let me know if any of you have made candles before and any recommendations you might have for me! I would highly recommend buying from Aussie Candle Supplies as they, in my opinion are extremely affordable and super lovely!  Thank you all so much once again for tuning in and I'll see you all Monday! 

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-ann xoxo

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