Saturday, 3 October 2015

Lensvillage Geo Twins Green Lens YH303

Hey Guys,
Today I will be reviewing these Geo Twins Green Lens YH303 from Lensvillage!

I bought these contacts roughly two months ago and they were the first contacts I had ever bought.  I was fairly worried to begin with, mainly because I had never seen contacts in person and I wasn't sure if the green would stand out on my naturally dark brown eyes.    

I was super excited to receive these lenses and they arrived within three weeks of purchase, they were packaged in a little glass bottle each, wrapped in bubble wrap! I was quite unsure as to how to use these so the instructions really came in handy (who would have thought?).  

I was extremely impressed when I finally got them in my eyes to see that the colour was quite vibrant and definitely noticeable on my brown eyes.  I really love the colour of these contacts and am very glad I purchased them, the yellow tinge around the pupil I feel, really brightens up the whole eye.  As I bought these contacts for my Black Widow Cosplay, I'm really thrilled that they actually go well with my red wig! The only negative thing I have found is something to do with me, not the contacts and its that I constantly have the contacts fall on my eyelashes when trying to put them in my eye and that then causes little tiny pieces of mascara to irritate my eye, I'm trying really hard to avoid this happening. 

As for price, I feel as though these were great value, as I bought them for approximately $34AUD including shipping, meaning they were only $19USD, one of the cheapest contacts on the site!  I had absolutely no trouble when buying these, I was given an order number and was able to track, not where they were but I was notified as to when they were shipped and an estimated arrival date.   

All in all I had a wonderful experience purchasing from lensvillage and definitely will continue to in the future, I currently have two pairs of contacts on route to me in the mail.. yay haha 

Anyway, until next time guys, have a great week!
Don't hesitate to ask any questions!
BrittanieDe-ann xoxo

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