Friday, 13 November 2015

Pink Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey guys, 
Today's post is going to be my very first makeup tutorial! Today, I found myself playing around with my make up and created a sort of pink smokey eye effect! Very pretty and very simple to replicate if you ask me.  Although this post is predominantly based around my eye makeup, I am going to explain how and what I used for my whole face.

As you can see a lot of my products are savvy products, one of my favourite drug store brands. Although I can not wait to buy higher end make up, Savvy does the trick for now!  So; starting with my face as I always do, (keep in mind I have just washed my face with my body shop products) I first went in with my Savvy primer all over my face, focusing on my cheeks and eyelids.  Following that I took my Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation on my ecotools domed bronzer brush and applied this once again all over my face making sure to cover down to my neck and into my hairline so I didn't have any of those horrid makeup lines.  I then took my Fit Me concealer in the shade fair and dabbed this on my under eye, taking my trusty beauty blender to then blend this out, lightening up my under eye area.  Taking my Starlet Translucent Finishing powder on my small contour brush I then set my under eye concealer to ensure I had no creases as my under eye creases badly when not set.  I then took my Savvy loose mineral powder on my ecotools foundation brush to set the rest of my foundation to once again set any creases and make sure my makeup didn't run, I always opt to set my liquid foundation with a powder no matter what I'm doing for the day.

Bronzer was next, taking my Savvy mineral baked bronzer on my flat contour brush, I placed this along my contour lines and blending onto my cheeks and also on my temple areas just to warm up my face a bit. Following on with blush, I used my Fit Me blush in medium pink on my domed buffing brush placing this on the apple of my cheeks and sweeping towards the top of my ear.  Next was my Mosaic Jumbo Bronzer on my powder brush and I use this just underneath my jaw line to give the illusion of a thinner neck (smart, I know).  Lastly on my general face makeup I used my Savvy Highlighter on my angled blush brush sweeping a small amount along the top of my cheeks, my chin, the middle of my forehead area and the centre of my nose. 

Now that the face is finished, I moved onto my eyes, using my tapered blending brush I took a small amount of my grey eyeshadow and started blending this fully into my crease adding more colour when necessary, less is more with eyeshadow I find, it's definitely easier to add them remove so I tend to build the colour slowly.  When I was happy with the colour intensity I then moved onto the pink. On a large flat shadow brush I took a small amount of my pink eyeshadow; making sure to tap off the excess I then pat this onto my whole eyelid until once again it was to the colour intensity I desired.  I then went back in with my blending brush to blend out any harsh lines.  Next was my black shaded eyeshadow in the outside corner, this was taken on the same blending brush and in small circular motions gently applied and blended into the crease to approximately the middle of the eye. Very small amounts were taken at a time and once again built up.  Then with my medium flat shadow brush I took my white eyeshadow on the inner corner and my brow bone to highlight the eye.  I then took a very small amount of pink and blended this just under my lower lash line along with a small amount of my white on the inner most corner of my lower lash line.  Once more I went over the whole eye with my blending brush making sure that everything was blended to decrease the possibility of any harsh lines. 
Lastly I went in with my Lash Sensational mascara on my top and bottom eyelashes and with my sparkle grey eyeliner I lined my waterline.  Using my setting spray from BH Cosmetics I gave my face a generous once over and was then good to go on my wonderful lunch date with the girls! 

I really enjoyed this look and think it's definitely one I'll use in the future!  Let me know if you like it and what you think? Hopefully you all enjoy this style of post just as much as I did, if you have any comments, advice or requests feel free to post them below.

Until Next Time 
Brittanie De-Ann xoxo

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